Social Photography

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Italian Community in Cheltenham

Being Cheltenham quite a big and wealthy city, it became home for many foreign people coming from all over Europe. Coming here I encountered myself many more Italians than I thought and this is why I decided to document the everyday life of some of them, trying to show both how the community becomes a new family for all of us and how lonely you can feel when you are so far from home.

Project winner of the Mediterraneo Fotografia contest for the Under 30 Category in 2018.


Food Road Trip around Italy

This project is about the traditional dishes and products from my home country, Italy.
To shot it, I visited all the 20 regions that together form such a variegated state and after long researches from home I tried myself all the dishes I considered to be the most representative of it.
More than restaurants I tried to find typical family run taverns and bistros but also farms and local markets to shot all the process from sustainable breeding to the final dishes passing through the singular ingredients.


This project is half way between landscape and social reportage.

It explores the lands of Morocco starting from Marrakesh and moving towards the centre of the country, all the way to Marzouga, at the border with Algeria.

The pictures show the reality of the touristic markets in the capital and move to wilder environments like the desert and the Dadès Gorges.

Cheltenham Racecourse

This project was shot in March 2020, during the famous Cheltenham Festival, one of the most important horse races in the United Kingdom, which brings together the best jockeys from the whole country.

I tried to include in the series as many aspects of the races as possible, the crowds, the moments before the horses enter the course and the evident fatigue shown on their bodies when they go back in the paddocks. 


This project is born during the COVID-19 lockdown and focuses on how, despite the situation, people managed to face this unattended event with a positive attitude.

In order to do this I decided to combine pictures showing the sadness and emptiness of closed shops with images of hope and strength.

Cheltenham Made It.


08 June 2020

Black Lives Metter Peaceful Protest

Pittville Park – Cheltenham